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Creating Your Signature Style

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Posted on October 18 2019

Creating Your Signature Style


In life, you come across hundreds of people without noticing anything special about them. But there are always a few individuals who leave an indelible mark upon you because of their personal signature style. It can be anything from a certain hairstyle, piercings on the body, tattoos, sense of dressing, a penchant for a colour, or fashion accessories. But there is something that makes the individual stand out from the rest of the people in a crowd. Do you yearn to create a signature style of your own? Here are some easy ways using which and of course, jewelry, accessories, and items of clothing that you can develop to create a signature look.


1.    Sunglasses

Sunglasses are fashion accessories that are used by most men and women. But you can choose sunglasses and adopt them as your signature fashion accessory. Try out different frames and glasses until you have found a pair of sunglasses that go well with your personality and make you look cool and stylish. Just keep in mind that you should be comfortable and confident wearing these sunglasses. Whether it is cat eye or the aviators, always stick to the design that makes you look beautiful.


2.    Keep a Record of Your Best Looks

You feel happy whenever you are complimented for your looks or dress. But you forget all about it later. Instead, you should record such a look in a diary or better still, click yourself from your mobile phone so that you know which clothes and accessories look good upon you. It will help you in getting rid of useless stuff while building upon apparel and accessories that make you stylish and fashionable. You will always look trendy in clothing that enhances your personality no matter what the season or occasion.


3.    Be Yourself

Fashion plays an important role in self-identity and how people perceive you. Although you may want to mimic the style of your Hollywood idols, keep in mind that your wardrobe is all about you.  Stay current on what’s trending for the season and focus on your individuality. If it is your desire to be labeled as a fashionable individual, you need to develop a signature style of your own. Express your personality whether it is sporty, colourful, or sophisticated.


4.    Emphasize Your Assets

Every individual has some strong points and some weak points in his personality. If you are tall and curvy, you can flaunt your beautiful figure with the help of fitting clothes. Identify your strong features and wear clothes and trendy accessories that enhance your personality instead of hiding them.


5.    Do Not Be Afraid of Trying New Things

Evolving your own signature style does not mean you should stick to certain items of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. This would leave you in a rut rather than becoming a person who has a style that is timeless and eternal. Just let your personality ooze out of your clothes, accessories, and jewelry and the rest will be taken care of.

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