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Wardrobe Staples A Woman Cannot Live Without

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Posted on October 18 2019

Wardrobe Staples A Woman Cannot Live Without


There are many women who spend a lot of time everyday staring inside their wardrobe and thinking they have nothing to wear to look and feel attractive. There are dozens of dresses hanging in their wardrobes and still they do not consider them good enough to wear on an occasion. However, it is possible to avoid this stalemate daily if they include some basic garments to their wardrobes. These staples, when mixed and matched with trend jewelry  and accessories, can help in looking stylish and fashionable without making any effort.


Denim, Your Second Skin

Jeans is one garment that can be worn with confidence on any casual occasion. You can wear it with a blouse, t-shirt or even a party top and combine it with beautiful heels to look elegant. Wear ‘jeans’ that  make you comfortable and relaxed but compliments curves. It could be high waist, low cut, or skinny. Our favorite style this season are cuffed jeans, and distressed ankle styles. Jeans is one staple of your wardrobe that is timeless and classic.



White Top

White T-shirt is an essential garment that is highly versatile. You can wear it on any occasion without thinking twice. Your white T-shirt can be combined with almost any trouser, skirts, or even shorts. You can accessorize by taking a scarf and wearing sneakers or heels depending upon where you are heading to. You can wear a simple necklace with a pendant on white T-shirt along with a cropped a cropped jacket or blazer for a trendier look .



Black Pumps

No matter whether you are an executive or a simple housewife, black pumps are staples that you cannot live without. They go well with any outfit you choose for the day or an event. You can choose mid or high heeled black pumps depending upon your comfort and liking. You will never have to think about which shoes to wear if you have these black pumps in your wardrobe.


Black Leggings

You will never have to worry about what to wear under a shirt, or even a short dress when you have black leggings in your wardrobe. Leggings are very versatile and much more comfortable than jeans or trousers. You can wear them anywhere on any occasion and still look stylish and fashionable. You can combine these black leggings with your favorite heels or ankle boots this season for a flattering look. Go for styles that are thick and non -sheer.


Maxi Dress

A knee length or long maxi dress is one wardrobe staple that you love to wear casually during spring and summer months. It is such an easy dress that you start to feel good just by wearing it. There are available countless types of maxi dresses in beautiful colours and designs. Choose bold prints, solid colors, or larger floral prints if you are curvy. Choose smaller prints if you are thin and short.  



Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a must have for most women to overcome the dilemma of what to wear to casual parties and date nights. Be sure to pick styles that are flattering to your shape.  The dress doesn’t have to short or revealing. Choose a length that you are comfortable with and pair it with killer heels. 








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